Belides Treats Hyperpigmentation


There is a derivative of daisies that can lighten skin and leave amazing results naturally.  This derivative has capabilities of decreasing the production of melanin. Melanin is a natural occurrence in your body and is the source of your pigment and skin tone. the skin and it’s responsible for skin tone and pigmentation.  Uneven skin tones and dark spots are an effect of the over production of melanin in that particular areas of the skin.  UV rays from the sun speed up production of melanin and produces unwanted freckling and dark spots.  Sometimes spots occur in cluster, other times they occur in single spots—either way they are uninvited and can be eliminated with the proper skin care product.

It is wise to have any new spots looked at by a dermatologist in order to make sure they are healthy and treatable, and not cancerous or a skin condition that needs medical attention.  It is hard to decipher the differences in all the spots.  Some are freckles, some are age spots (AKA Liver spots), and some are dark spots.  Some are hereditary, some are caused by sun, and some are caused by age. Many fair-skinned people get freckles, and they are known to be hereditary.   Once you find out you are ok to proceed with a treatment, it is good to know that whatever the spot is, Belides can help.

Many skin care products are available on the market today that can improve your skins overall appearance. Topical whitening products are popular because they are simple to apply, can be purchased online, and can be found in prescription strength-if needed, and are more affordable than cosmetic surgery.  Ageless Derma is your answer to the hunt for the perfect skin whitening product.

If the skin is in serious condition, topical ointments may not be effective and medical procedures may be necessary.  It is important to get medical advice before trying any of the harsh processes like cryotherapy, laser therapy, chemical peels and dermabrasion. Although these options work to lighten the skin, many patients have complained of the discomfort, the quantity of required treatments, and the cost.

Topical products can help you have beautiful skin, but you need to take steps to keep it healthy.  Follow these steps to help maintain healthy skin:

•    Avoid the sun as much as possible, and if you expose yourself, use sunscreen.
•    Drink plenty of water.  Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and is an important part of a healthy diet.
•    Use gently skin cleansers that do not contain harsh chemicals.
•    Eat healthy.  You are what you eat, and many bad foods can harm your skin.
•    Get lots of vitamins and minerals, they affect your skin from the inside out.
•    Use Ageless Derma on a regular Basis.

What To Look For In Your Skin lightener Cream

Skin lighteners come in a myriad of forms. They may be made of chemicals, natural products, and may be in the form of laser treatments or chemical peels. No matter what choice you have made to decide on a product, make sure that the skin lightener cream you are using is the right product for you. You may feel intimidated with all the product information and websites, product site claims and even your best friends’ recommendations. While all of these sources are part of a thorough review and are good resources, one of the main methods of control you have is the basic power of knowledge. Look at and review all the information you can, weed out the products that contain harmful chemicals. What is the end result you wish to attain? Talk to your dermatologist to find the skin lightener that are right for you, your skin tone, and your expectations.  Many products are available using natural ingredients and tried and true methods. Products may contain plant based ingredients such as Alpha-Arbutin, Belides, BioWhite, and other natural ingredients. Talk or write to others that have had treatment s you are looking into if possible to determine procedures or the results you are seeking. With so many avenues open to you, it is important not to rush into any treatment or procedure lightly. Your skin is one of your most important assets and visible projection of who you are.  Whether you decide to choose home remedies or purchase your skin lightener cream under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist, it is important that you know what you are seeking as an end result and are informed about the skin lightening products you use on your skin. You have many choices. Your skin is one of your most valued possessions. Choose wisely and you will surely be happy with the results.

Skin bleaching creams and skin lightener

We sometimes put too much emphasis on the face, of course it is sensitive and more exposed to the elements, but we also have to take care of the rest of the skin on our bodies. So to attain that flawless body skin you also need to invest in as good a skin body lotion as the products you use on your face. Otherwise you will end up having inconsistent results on the different parts of your body with a glowing face but blotchy body skin. A good Skin bleaching body lotions and skin lightener is essential for the beautiful skin you desire. If you are using a skin bleaching cream on your face its common sense that you should also use body lotion that is from the skin bleaching product variety.

Skin lightener has become a multibillion dollar industry and there are a lot of services and products out there geared to this process. There are the laser resurfacings, chemical peels and certain home based remedies for those DIY enthusiasts  who are always looking to save a buck  with their “ why can’t I do it”  kind of attitude.

Skin bleaching creams are made to help you make the tone of your skin lighter. With the current glorification of the light skin tone, skin bleaching creams have never been so popular. They stop your body from producing melanin, a body chemical that is responsible for your skin color there by making you lighter.

However it’s advisable to carefully look at the kind of products you are using in your skin brightening or skin bleaching products. It’s best to avoid Hydroquinone because its ingredients can lead to liver and kidney damage, thyroid disorders and even cancer.

There are great alternatives to these harsh products and you need o conduct a thorough research before you settle for the skin beaching product of your choice. Considering that our skins are more vulnerable the older that we get choosing a skin lightening product that can also care for aging skin is a plus.

Even as you invest in skin lightener products don’t forget to stick to a good skin cleansing regimen. This will make the results of your skin lightening efforts even better. Look out for facial cleansers and toners that are also made of natural ingredients. This is to nourish your skin even as you try to improve it. Your skin lightening body lotion products should follow the same path and be based on natural scientifically researched ingredients that have been proven to be safe and effective for your skin.

Avoid using products because you have seen them work on a friend or colleague, your skin is different and it’s important to do a thorough research on any product before you attempt to use it. Choose a product that is within your budget and that you are confident of making repeat purchases of. There is no point of going for an expensive product that will work, only for you to be unable to purchase it the next time.

Invest in a skin body lotion that has ingredients that will also protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. The face is not the only place to put sun blocking products on. Even if your body skin is covered more than your face its sill needs that protection from the sun.

When carrying out your skin brightening regimen there are certain places that you should pay attention to which are the hands and feet. Some people forget to pay attention to these areas and end up with darker areas around the knuckles, elbows and toes.

You should invest in a good skin lightening body lotion that contains ingredient that will not only block the production of melanin in this area but will stimulate the regeneration of lighter skin. Products that include hydroxyl acids are a good choice. Make sure the ingredients are also found in your bathing soap
Make sure you exfoliate your feet elbows and knuckles regularly. Accumulation of dead skin cells can also be responsible for the rough, darker skin that you see. Exfoliating will also give the skin bleaching products you are using a better surface to work on resulting in great results.

Other options you can try include microdermabrasion and using chemical peels. Make sure that you select professionals who can do these processes safely and make a point of choosing those with a proven track record. When it comes to such processes don’t opt to go the cheap way as cheap may eventually translate to expensive should anything go wrong.

What You Should Know About Face Bleaching

Pigments in our skin tone, age spots, or brown spots can all make our complexion look uneven. You might have age sport or freckles that you want to get rid of so that you have a clearer complexion, or your skin tone could simply have become uneven overall as a result of sun exposure and aging. Many are turning to face bleaching.

Skin bleaching can remove unwanted skin brown spots and even your complexion but before you rush out and buy just any face bleaching product you should know a little more about the process to ensure you choose a safe and effective face bleaching product.

There are all types of Skin bleaching creams on the market and it is important that you understand the ingredients in them and how those ingredients work along with how safe they are. For example, biowhite is a combination of plant extracts and it is extremely effective as well as being completely safe, while those products that contain mercury may be effective but they are extremely dangerous affecting the central nervous system and kidneys.

Skin brown spots are not just an issue as women age. A number of young women with freckles want to bleach away their freckles from across their cheeks and nose. Some find their freckles embarrassing, and when cosmetics don’t properly cover them up, many turn to products that will bleach skin.

As we age our skin tends to get variations in shades and this can make us look and feel older than we are. Those who have had high exposure to sun often experience these variations a great deal more. The older we get the more prominent and noticeable these once subtle changes become. Skin bleaching can eliminate this unevenness and leave your skin tone smoother and it will also brighten your skin.

Ethnicities with darker complexions are also looking to lighten their skin and this group is made up of men and women from around the globe. In fact, it has become an obsession with some ethnicities in North America. The problem is when products are used that contain ingredients that are unsafe. There are many products on the market that are not regulated and so therefore, it’s common to see ingredients that will bleach skin but not do so safely.

How to ensure you are buying a product that is safe to use:

Reading the ingredients is a great way to start. If you are unfamiliar with any of the ingredients, take the time to look each of the ingredients up and know what it is you are putting on your face. For example, Biowhite is an ingredient that is used in some products. If you were to look up that ingredient, you would learn that it is safe, effective, and has research behind it.

Have a look at the company providing the product. Got to their website, see what kind of information they provide, whether they offer research on their products. For example, Ageless Derma tells all about their product ingredients and then offers the research that has gone into those ingredients and products. Look for this with whatever company you are dealing with.
Look for customer reviews and testimonials to see whether a product works and how well it works. This type of information can help you decide whether a product will work for your issues or not. It can also show if individuals have had adverse effects.

Face bleaching is a cosmetic procedure and like all cosmetic procedures, women seem to not be able to get enough of. The key here is to follow the directions of the manufacturer. More will not necessarily be better. Face bleaching can certainly work and it can work well with the proper application.

Face bleaching is no longer just used by women. Men and women alike are turning to the benefits of lightening skin products and they are excited about the idea that their skin can have a smoother, more even texture, which keeps them looking younger and healthier.

We are all aging and we are all going to develop skin brown spots, age spots, and uneven complexion, but it doesn’t mean that we have to live with it. There are some great choices when it comes to skin whitening or face whitening products so take advantage of what’s on the market. Just do it safely and wisely by choosing reputable companies that offer reputable products that work, and at a price that anyone can afford if they so choose to use the products. The results will astound you. Be prepared to knock as many as ten years off your age. Why not keep people guessing?

Tips for Using Skin Brightening Creams

If you are tired of a dull, sallow complexion, a skin brightening cream might be the perfect solution for renewing the look of the skin. Many factors cause age to appear dull or become flakey and it is important to exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells and expose fresh, healthier skin.

Typical causes of dull skin include:

Lack of nutrition
Buildup of dead skin cells
Lack of moisture

A healthy skin care regimen includes cleansings, exfoliating and hydrating skin cells to keep it glowing and fresh, but sometimes periods of stress or hormone fluctuation causes skin to look dull no matter what you do to it. A skin brightening cream is an ideal solution to nourish and protect skin while correcting uneven skin tone.

When shopping for a skin cream, look for natural ingredients such as:

Green tea extract
Plant stem cells

These natural ingredients are gentler on the skin and provide the brightening you want without the harmful chemicals. A skin brightening cream, such as the Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener reduces the appearance of sun spots, freckles and age spots while renewing the skin’s appearance, making it brighter and healthier.

Skin fade cream should contain an ample amount of antioxidants and vitamins to fight against free radicals in the skin, which cause premature aging. A skin brightening cream is a great product to use because of its multi-purpose features – it minimizes skin discoloration, nourishes cells and helps encourage cell turnover for a fresh look.

Skin brightening cream comes at a variety of price points, so speak with your skin care doctor about which product is right for your skin care needs. Always use sunscreen to protect the skin from constant sun exposure.

Skin Lightening Home Remedies

Skin lightening products are available in a variety of forms. Many of us desire to rid ourselves of the sight of freckles, skin damage, liver spots and other skin issues that make our skin look and feel rougher as we age. Of all the skin lightening goods on the market today one of the most popular forms is skin lightening gel. Many individuals prefer the gel to other products because it is easy to apply, does not leave heavy or whitish deposits on the skin.  While many men and women decide to perform skin lightening under the care of a dermatologist, it is possible to attain the same results with skin lightening home remedies. These have been used over hundreds of years by many cultures and handed down by word of mouth, and now available over the internet and in homeopathic natural goods stores.  When choosing the right skin lightening gel for you, you need to have your goal in mind and select safe, scientifically approved products. Of course, for those of you making your own skin lightening home remedies, natural products tend to have minimal adverse effects, but still make sure and be informed before starting your skin lightening treatment.  Always test your skin lightening product on a small area of skin, preferable on the face or neck, to be sure you will not have a sensitivity to ingredients in either the natural skin lightening gel or home remedy you have decided to use. If you are at all unsure or feel uncomfortable doing skin care treatments on your own, elicit the assistance of licensed dermatologists and receive skin lightening treatments in an office or skin care clinic. There are hundreds of choices and products available, so be sure to choose the right product for you.

How To Choose The Best Cream For Your Brown Spots

If seeing brown spots on your face has gotten you feeling down, don’t worry because help is on the way.  Many, many women (and men) are, it seems, suddenly faced with the marring appearance of brown spots on their face.  They can also appear on your face, arms, hands, or shoulders.  Where do these spots come from and how can you best be rid of them?

Brown spots are also known as age spots, liver spots or photo aging spots.  They creep up on your skin as you get older.  First you may see a couple of small light brown spots on your cheek or near the corner of your eyes.  A few months or even years later, them seem to be everywhere on your face.

Brown spots are mostly the result of years of exposure to the sun.  Most of us have not lived our lives without stepping out into the sun nor have we worn sunscreen or a truly effective sunblock 100% of the time.  These discolorations can also be the result of old acne flare-ups, hormonal changes or environmental stressors.  These brown spots make your skin appear dull and lifeless when you want your skin and your entire face to appear lively and bright.  So what can you do and how can you choose the best cream to get the job done?

First of all, look for a good quality cream that contains natural ingredients.  You don’t want harmful chemicals to enter your body.  If you are looking for a good quality skin brightener to rid you of those brown spots, be sure to read the ingredients label on the package. Also, be prepared to spend more than just a few dollars if you want a product that will actually work on your brown spots and will not be harmful.

A good solution for brown spots is Miessence Probiotic Skin Brightener.  This solution is certified organic and will lighten the complexion as it sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal smoother, younger skin.  It is also a good moisturizer and will help protect your external layer of skin.  The individual ingredients contained in Miessence Probiotic Skin Brightener are so safe, you can actually eat them.   The United States Department of Agriculture has certified the ingredients in Miessence products to be organic.  The organic wheat grain helps retain moisture, the natural agave  (think sugar) removes dead skin cells, adzuki beans polish the skin, and soya beans promote cell renewal.  There are also ingredients in Miessence to help prevent acne breakouts and condition and brighten brown spots.

Shiseido makes a product called Whitess W Intensive Skin Brightener.  It will work to diminish the appearance of your brown spots and other discolorations.  Your skin will be more evenly toned and give it more clarity and liveliness.  It contains arbutin, which is actually bearberry extract and a very good brown spot lightener.  You will also find bio-hyaluronic acid in Shiseido’s Skin Brightener.  This is a natural ingredient that helps the skin retain moisture and improve its elasticity.  Between improving your brown spots and feeling less dry and looking younger, this sounds like a winner of product for your facial needs and otherwise.

Ageless Derma puts out a super powerful cream with all natural ingredients to lighten up your entire face, especially brown spots.  It’s Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener.  With this skin brightening cream, you can fight the signs of aging and rid yourself of those pesky brown spots at the same time.  Ageless Derma has taken seven natural ingredients and formulated them into one useful product that will make your complexion brighter, clearer and more youthful looking.   They use a natural form of Vitamin C in this hard-working cream that will lighten and brighten whatever brown spots you may have.  As an added plus, this ingredient will also work to protect your collagen and slave away as a great anti-oxidant.  Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener doesn’t stop with just one whitening agent, however.  It also contains BioWhite, which is a Mulberry Grape Juice-derived complex.  BioWhite will inhibit the body’s production of melanin, skin pigment.  It is much less toxic than hydroquinone, an ingredient that many other skin lighteners use today.  And for a triple play of skin whitening action, Ageless Derma has added Belides to this cream. Belides is a daisy extract and a natural skin-whitening agent.   Also working hard to brighten your complexion and enhance your youthful look are licorice root extract and alpha arbutin.  Buy Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener at

Lierac Bust Lift Cream Anti-Spot 2.49oz

The French skin care line, Lierac Paris is known for their highly concentrated formulas to treat a variety of skin concerns. Carrying only the highest quality of ingredients the Lierac Bust Lift Cream Anti-Spot promotes healthy, youthful looking decollete and bust by significantly diminishing age spots after time, while tightening skin for a youthful appearance. Specifically, the key ingredient hazelnut oligo peptides goes below the top layer of skin to deeply restructure skin cells with a collagen boosting action. While the Japanese Mandarin completes the luxurious feel with its intense moisturizing ability leaving your skin hydrated and smooth for a simply addicting and effective treatment.

Hyperpigmentation and Skin Spots Treated by Biowhite

BioWhite is an ingredient used to treat hyperpigmentation. After extensive studies on effective ways to treat skin pigment disorders, BioWhite has been shown to be an effective treatment to smooth irregularities in skin tone. BioWhite is a natural plant extract that helps skin achieve a natural glow and balanced tone while preventing further environmental damage from the sun and pollutants.

UV rays from the sun contribute to age spots and skin discoloration. Although BioWhite can repair this damage, sunscreen protection found in most skin lightening products is essential for preventing future damage. Sun exposure is also a cause of age spots. When proper precautions are taken, they can be prevented in many cases.
Many face bleaching product exist and can be purchased without a prescription. Convenience and affordability make these products available to anyone. When choosing between skin care products, it is important to understand why age spots and uneven pigmentation develop. Knowing the cause can help you choose a product that will work well for your skin.

In some cases, age spots or skin spots appear simple because the skin is aging. Melanin is a pigment produced naturally by the skin. When the concentration of melanin becomes unbalanced some areas of the skin appear darker. These are referred to as skin spots, age spots, liver spots, or freckles. When the sun’s rays damage the skin, uneven pigmentation is more likely to occur. Sometimes skin conditions, like moles and skin tags, are confused with similarly colored skin spots. For this reason, it may be recommended to review your concerns about your skin with a dermatologist.

Products on the market are available to target skin discoloration on different areas of the body, such as shoulders, arms, hands, and frequently the face. Face bleaching products are inexpensive when compared to surgical treatments provided by skin care professionals and dermatologists. They also involve less risk and shorter recovery times. Over-the-counter bleaching creams help achieve lighter, balanced skin tones. Products, such as Ageless Derma Skin Brightener Cream, were developed through modern technological advancements. They contain highly concentrated formulas, which deliver potent ingredients to target areas.

Some people scan the internet for homemade concoctions using items found in pantries. People with sensitive skin or skin allergies may prefer to make their own recipe to avoid irritants. The other options for pigmentation issues like skin spots are to use concealing makeup or facial peels.

There are times when hyperpigmentation may need to be treated professionally. Treatments include chemical peels, cryotherapy, and laser surgery. Chemical peels use vitamin A compounds and retinoids to help remove dead skin. Cryotherapy makes spots less noticeable with liquid nitrogen. To rejuvenate the surface of the skin, laser surgery is an option.

Using natural remedies to supplement over-the-counter bleaching creams can help prevent future skin damage. Natural products found in most kitchens can be used to create an exfoliating paste suitable for use as a facial mask. For the less ambitious, there are plenty of exfoliating creams available for purchase.

Whatever product you chose to help lighten you skin, be sure to limit your exposure to UV rays or wear sunscreen. This protects your skin and allows it time to heal from the damage it has incurred without further taxing it. Skin spots increase with certain skin tones especially during the summer. Trying to correct your problem without removing the cause can complicate results.

When you begin considering cream face bleaching product, you should become familiar with all types of products available and understand how they work. On a basic level, they are designed to reduce the number and darkness of brown skin spots and freckles. They also work to balance overall complexion. The goal of these products should be to inhibit melanin production in the skin. Look for formulas that contain BioWhite and alpha hydroxy acids. These ingredients promote skin lightening. Most skin lightening creams will contain the ingredients necessary to prevent the production of melanin, but some of them come in different strengths of the active ingredient. Consulting with a dermatologist will give you a better idea of the products that will work the best with your skin type.
In addition to skin type, you need to be aware of what problems you would like to resolve. Are you only looking for a product that will lighten your skin or do you have other aging or acne problems you would like to resolve? Finding a product with the right range of ingredients to meet all your needs will allow you to notice trouble with your skin improving over time. For example, you can find a product that deals with premature aging while lightening skin spots. Products that combat the effects of aging will contain ingredients like retinol. Ageless Derma makes Anti-Aging Skin Brightener to correct all skin aging symptoms. By reviewing the target areas each product is designed to meet, you can find a cream tailored to your needs.

As with any new topical product, testing it on a small area of your skin is always recommended prior to a full application. This reduces chances of a negative reaction to ingredients with which you are unfamiliar.

What to Look for in Skin Bleach Products

Skin bleach products, creams and lotions are also known as face whitening cream. Such products are greatly sought after by women looking to reduce the appearance of liver spots (age spots), or changes in skin pigmentation caused by oral contraceptive use, pregnancy, age, or skin changes caused by too much sun-bathing.

How do these products work? Skin lightening agents such as belides are an essential ingredient to skin bleaching creams and lotions. Skin bleaching products may also contain alpha-arbutin, a relatively new skin lightening ingredient designed to work more efficiently.  Alpha-arbutin is believed to minimize the appearance of liver or age spots, help promote even skin tone, and even reduce the aftereffects of tanning after exposure to ultraviolet rays.

In addition, a skin lightener created from plant extract, called BioWhite, is also found in many skin bleaching products. Plant extracts include those culled from great mulberry juice.  BioWhite skin lightener “extract” is believed to inhibit the production of an amino acid called tyrosinase, responsible for the production of melanin, which controls skin pigmentation.

Skin whitening products may also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients such as niacinamide, which in turn contains vitamin D. Vitamin B has long been used as a skin protectant as well as in acne removal treatments and skin lightening products.

Skin whitening products can even out blotchy skin, reduce the appearance of brown spots, and even provide a smoother and more consistent skin tone, making your skin not only look healthier, but younger. Research skin bleaching products before you buy, and choose carefully. Remember that any product that functions like a bleach is often too harsh on some skin types and can be detrimental if not used properly. Skin bleaching creams and lotions, and skin bleach products purchased over-the-counter or through a dermatologist should always be used according to instructions to prevent negative results.

Age Spots? Try a Natural Skin Lightener with Natural Ingredients for Skin Care

Biowhite.  The name sounds kind of futuristic.  If you think about it, though, we are in the future and it is the perfect time to introduce BioWhite to all of the skins in the world.  Today is the day to try a natural skin lightener with natural ingredients for skin care!

Now, you are probably wondering what all this talk about BioWhite it.  What is it?  It is the answer to your hyperpigmentation problems.  Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and age spots.  Say hello to effectiveness, safety and results!

Biowhite is a culmination of various botanicals that include but are not limited to mulberry, grape, and scutellaria extracts.  These ingredients have de-pigmentation abilities and when added to a natural skin lightener, results will be very evident.  Many people have experienced incredible results by using Biowhite.

The sun is the number one cause of sun spots.  The UV rays stimulate vitamin D, which increases the production of melanin, which is the coloring of our skin.  Aging can cause spotting, too, but however you get yours, know that Biowhite can get rid of it.

Whitening creams are a great solution to medical procedures.  Many of the procedures are not safe for all skin types, and cost a lot of money.  Purchasing all natural ingredients for skin care will save money and give effective results.

You can blow a lot of money on expensive concealers, but why hide something you can fix? Don’t get me wrong, if you have an extreme situation, you may need to see a dermatologist for treatment.  There are procedures for more serious cases that may include but are not limited to chemical peels, laser surgery, or laser surgery.  Many chemical peels are now natural peels made of Vitamin A.

You don’t want to run out and buy the first chemical bleach you see.  A good choice would be a natural skin lightener that stops the production of melanin.  The chemical product s don’t stop melanin, but bleach your skin from the outside in. Please schedule a consultation with a skin professional prior to beginning any bleaching treatment, natural or not.
For natural skin lightener that contains Biowhite, please check out