Belides Treats Hyperpigmentation


There is a derivative of daisies that can lighten skin and leave amazing results naturally.  This derivative has capabilities of decreasing the production of melanin. Melanin is a natural occurrence in your body and is the source of your pigment and skin tone. the skin and it’s responsible for skin tone and pigmentation.  Uneven skin tones and dark spots are an effect of the over production of melanin in that particular areas of the skin.  UV rays from the sun speed up production of melanin and produces unwanted freckling and dark spots.  Sometimes spots occur in cluster, other times they occur in single spots—either way they are uninvited and can be eliminated with the proper skin care product.

It is wise to have any new spots looked at by a dermatologist in order to make sure they are healthy and treatable, and not cancerous or a skin condition that needs medical attention.  It is hard to decipher the differences in all the spots.  Some are freckles, some are age spots (AKA Liver spots), and some are dark spots.  Some are hereditary, some are caused by sun, and some are caused by age. Many fair-skinned people get freckles, and they are known to be hereditary.   Once you find out you are ok to proceed with a treatment, it is good to know that whatever the spot is, Belides can help.

Many skin care products are available on the market today that can improve your skins overall appearance. Topical whitening products are popular because they are simple to apply, can be purchased online, and can be found in prescription strength-if needed, and are more affordable than cosmetic surgery.  Ageless Derma is your answer to the hunt for the perfect skin whitening product.

If the skin is in serious condition, topical ointments may not be effective and medical procedures may be necessary.  It is important to get medical advice before trying any of the harsh processes like cryotherapy, laser therapy, chemical peels and dermabrasion. Although these options work to lighten the skin, many patients have complained of the discomfort, the quantity of required treatments, and the cost.

Topical products can help you have beautiful skin, but you need to take steps to keep it healthy.  Follow these steps to help maintain healthy skin:

•    Avoid the sun as much as possible, and if you expose yourself, use sunscreen.
•    Drink plenty of water.  Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and is an important part of a healthy diet.
•    Use gently skin cleansers that do not contain harsh chemicals.
•    Eat healthy.  You are what you eat, and many bad foods can harm your skin.
•    Get lots of vitamins and minerals, they affect your skin from the inside out.
•    Use Ageless Derma on a regular Basis.

Skin Lightening for Dark Skin

African America skin is rather difficult to lighten, simply because there is more melanin produced in the skin than that of Caucasian skin tones. However, dark patches and hyperpigmentation occur in African Americans just as much as they do in other skin types, and it can cause people to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their appearance. Skin lightening for dark skin takes time, but with the right ingredients, African Americans will see a difference in dark patches around the body.

Skin lightening for dark skin requires diligence, but it is important not to just use any lightening cream on the skin. Bleach creams can sometimes include harsh, harmful ingredients – so always check the ingredient list before purchasing. Before using, always do a small test on an inconspicuous area of the body to rule out any skin allergies or negative reactions. Read skin care reviews or feedback to help make a decision about a product – unbiased information will provide you with truthful information in most cases.

For those interested in skin lightening for black people, a variety of skin care products will help lighten up dark areas around the face and body – areas of acne or deep pigmentation affect African Americans as much as they do anyone else with lighter skin tones. Plant based creams, or those with antioxidants and vitamins will brighten the complexion and smooth out skin tone no matter how dark the skin is. For those who are still unsure about which products to use, speak to an African American dermatologist to find out safe, effective creams.

It’s important to note that achieving a drastic lightening of African American skin safely is not realistic – a few shades are more realistic to keep skin healthy and natural. In the event of discoloration through skin trauma, depigmentation may take a while to redevelop.

Spots on the Face Are Not Always Caused by Freckles – so Do Something about Them

When you look in the mirror, do you see spots on the face – and we’re talking about spots that are not considered freckles? If you have experienced spots, areas of hyperpigmentation, or blotchy darkened areas of skin as you age, consider yourself among good company. When it comes to dealing with age spots, liver spots, dark spots, call them whatever you will, as well as areas of hyperpigmentation, many women (and men) look to bleach cream or skin brightening products.

When looking for a skin brightener or bleach cream, choose those with ingredients that you can read, pronounce, and understand. Such ingredients are often found in nature, and are enhanced in laboratory environments, rather than produced by purely chemical synthesis. Many natural ingredients and derivatives and extracts found in nature are also gentler on your skin, providing the skin whitening agents you want in a bleach cream, while at the same time protecting the skin of your face against harsh chemicals and unexpected results.

Some of the most effective ingredients in bleach cream today include alpha arbutin, a skin lightening agent that has been clinically proven to reduce the darkness of spots on the face in 85% of 80 individuals who engaged in a study of its use over a three-month period of time. Another skin lightening agent, belides, are extracted from daisy flowers, and help to reduce the darkness of age spots and promote a more even skin tone within a couple weeks of use, including areas of hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide is also a beneficial ingredient in a bleach cream, as it is rich in vitamin D, is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, and acts as a gentle skin lightener on the skin of your face.

Choose products created by companies like Ageless Derma that utilize and focus on mother nature’s bounty more than they rely on harsh, synthesized chemical ingredients in your anti-aging, bleach cream, and skin whitening products.

Fight Age Spots with Skin Fading Cream

Skin fading cream is one of the most popular and beneficial cosmetic items that any woman could have been her medicine cabinet. Fading creams, also called skin lightener creams, are an excellent way to reduce the appearance of freckles, age spots, and uneven skin tone.  However, not all fading cream products are created equal.

Fading creams, also called face whitening cream, that contain a natural and bioengineered ingredients are ideal for most skin types. Natural ingredients have long been used in various forms of folk medicine and alternative medical practices. For thousands of years, women have utilized nature to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and even age spots, commonly known as liver spots.

Look for ingredients that have been tested and proven to be beneficial, including those that contain Alpha-arbutin and BioWhite, just to name two. Alpha-arbutin is a relatively new skin lightening product on the market today that is very popular in those seeking anti-aging creams and lotions that promote healthy and vigorous looking skin. BioWhite native plant extracts, including those from grapes and mulberries, is another popular skin fading cream that prohibits an amino acid that produces melanin in the body. Another  beneficial and effective ingredient in skin lightening and skin fading cream products is niacinamide, containing vitamin B. Niacinamide is often used by those experiencing acne as well as for protection against skin damage caused by UV rays.

Ageless Derma’s fading cream and contain unique ingredients that provide positive skin lightening results and benefits for your skin, including hydration, moisturizing properties and elasticity.  When it comes to choosing a skin lightener or a skin fading cream to meet your needs, do your homework and research which ingredients in such cosmetic products promote the most benefits and effective use of your time, money, and efforts.

Natural Face Products for Dry Skin

Most people often over look the potency of natural products, they opt for the synthetic products available in the beauty shops and keep from trying the simple natural remedies at their disposal. They ignore the fact that natural face products are much more efficient and gentler on the skin as they are easily absorbed by the skin with no threatening side effects to our bodies.

The ingredients to look out for when it comes to natural dry skin care solution include aloe vera. This when used in natural face cream for dry skin ensures that the skin is kept supple and it does this by sufficiently supplying oxygen to the skin cells and improving its ability to hydrate itself. Aloe vera is also great at calming and treating inflamed skin as well as helps in the removal of dead skin cells giving way to fresher and healthier skin cells.

The other natural ingredient to look for in dry skin face products is vitamin E often referred to as Tocopheryl Acetate. It’s a great and powerful anti oxidant which means it’s essential for protecting the skin as well as slowing down the ageing of our skin cells. Seeing as dry skin is susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions vitamin E is great as it has the ability to protect our skins from cold induced injuries as well as aid in the fast healing of scars.

Vitamin E is a great addition in any natural face cream for dry skin as it effectively combats the effects of pollutants on the skin, it’s a great fighter of free radicals and thereby a wonderful ingredient to fight aging. Chamomile is another wonderful ingredient to include in any natural facial cleanser or body cream. It’s great for dry skin as it contains healing and soothing properties that are just right for dealing with dry skin when it gets easily irritated or inflamed.

Natural skin care can also entail the use of natural oils as well as the right diet to nourish the skin and keep it moisturized. With natural facial cleansers for dry skin, it’s best to go for creamy facial cleansers that can deeply moisturize the dry skin while gently removing any impurities. Some good natural ingredients to have include Vitamin A and C as well as extracts such as aloe vera and chamomile and witch hazel to calm the skin even as you cleanse it. It should also be able to cleanse and leave the skin well moisturized with a well balanced Ph.

There are natural body creams that you can use to effectively moisturize dry skin they include coconut oil, jojoba oil and Shea butter. These are great at softening and smoothening dry skin and have the added advantage of being completely natural and therefore easily absorbed by the skin. You can also use glycerin in your natural body cream to make it an even more effective moisturizer. Overall the natural ingredients must be able to aptly moisturize the skin while not being greasy and heavy on the skin. These natural oils are ideal for use as natural body creams because they are easily absorbed by our skins and are very effective in combating dryness.

Natural dry skin care must also include an effective skin exfoliation routine to be able to combat the dead skin cells and keep the skin from looking dull and flaky. A good natural skin exfoliate for dry skin includes the use of fine natural sea salt mixed with olive oil. This will work at clearing out the dry skin cells while at the same time disinfecting and deeply cleaning the skin pores as well as moisturizing the skin. This make for an effective treatment for getting rid of dead skin cells from dry skin.

There are also nice natural face masks to be used in natural dry skin care they include the use of such enriching natural ingredients as oatmeal and honey. Another home remedy to combat dry skin involves using a humidifier to keep the air around you humid and help keep your skin moist. Another option is to use a small spray bottle to carry around clean water that you can spray on your skin as a way to ease the skin dryness.

Overall getting the right natural face products will go a long way in helping you to combat the effects of the elements on the skin. Invest in the right natural face cleanser as well as natural body creams for dry skin and you will be able to better deal with dry skin.

Skin Lightening Serum to be used in Skin lightening treatment

Skin lightening treatments can be considered part of a serious skin care program, particularly if the skin is hyperpigmented, uneven, blemished, scarred or severely sun damaged.

Skin lightening treatment procedures can be performed by a dermatologist, with a doctor recommended treatment plan, or the treatments can be done on an individualized basis through research and self-evaluation of the skin.  Any lightening regimen should be based on skin type and condition, and the right lightening products should go along with the condition and type to prevent irritation and possible allergic reaction.  Once a plan of action has been initiated, the correct lightening product can be matched with the skin condition and type.

Skin lightening serum are effective choice for skin lightening.  They can be formulated in an oil base, which helps to moisturize the skin while lightening it.  Serums can usually be deposited with a dropper or tube on a designated spot, or larger portion of the skin to be lightened, without waste or overuse, plus serums are usually more concentrated in formulation, penetrate deeper into the skin and deliver a more powerful punch in the skin lightening process.

Damaged skin that shows signs of hyperpigmentation benefits from skin lightening serums made from botanicals such as lemons, licorice root, azelaic acid, kojic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, essential oils and other natural ingredients.  A more recently used ingredient, and an alternative to retinols and hydroquinone is hexlresorcinol, which has been used as an antiseptic for cuts, burns and other injuries.  It has been proven safe for hyperpigmentation issues as well as for the diminishment of lines and wrinkles.

Skin lightening Serum products are usually applied after a complete skin-cleansing regimen.  Dispense a small amount of product on the fingers, apply it directly to the face, neck area, and gently massage it into the skin until it disappears.  This routine should be done on a daily basis.  Moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams can be applied once the serum is absorbed.

There are innumerable skin lightening serums in the marketplace, and the choices are many, but the selection should be based on the condition of the skin, skin type and skin sensitivity.

Most skin lightening products are formulated to accomplish a fading or lightening effect on hyperpigmentation as well as exfoliation of the top skin layers to remove dead skin cells.   Lightening treatments with serums are helpful in the lightening process as they are more concentrated in ingredients and are able to tackle skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation in a more aggressive manner.

Facts about Hyperpigmentation and Skin Fading Cream

Hyperpigmentation takes place when the body produces too much melanin in the skin, leading to darkened patches over the body. While a slight discoloration might not bother some people, others are embarrassed or self-conscious about areas that are darker in color than other areas of the skin. While it’s common to experience hyperpigmentation because of constant sun exposure, it’s not the sole cause of the skin condition. Additional causes include:

•    Pregnancy mask
•    Fluctuating hormones
•    Acne scarring

Those who want to reduce the appearance of sun spots, freckles or age spots might wish to try a skin lightener, which works to gently fade the darker patches to create an even skin tone. Skin fading cream is often one of the most cost effective and safe treatments for hyperpigmentation – but there are a few other options, as well.

Chemical peels are used to treat large areas of discoloration, but takes a few days of recovery from the peel in addition to a week or more to see results. Skin fading cream works gradually, minimizing discoloration within weeks to expose brighter, even skin tone. Laser peels or photofacials are other options, but are costly compared to a quality skin lightening product. To have a brighter, more youthful complexion, the use of a skin brightening is suggested to reduce the appearance of freckles and exfoliate the skin to expose fresh skin.

Sunscreen and moisturizer are two essential products to have in any antiaging skin care routine. Sunscreen protects the skin from early signs of aging and reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation, while moisturizer hydrates and nourishes cells to keep skin looking supple and soft. Always follow the directions – and check the ingredient list — when using a skin lightener product to avoid any complications or experiencing further discoloration or redness.

Skin Care, Wrinkle Creams, and the Benefits of Anti-Aging Ingredients

When it comes to skin facial treatments, what is the benefit you’re looking for? Are you seeking the best in deep cleaning techniques, anti-aging benefits, or ingredients that help nourish and revitalize your skin? Your answer should include all of the above. Skin care, wrinkle creams, and the benefits of anti-aging should all go together when it comes to your approaches to skin care, whether you’re in your teens or your 50s.

Skin facial treatments offer a variety of benefits, whether you have a routine or enjoy a facial mask once a week. Numerous products manufactured by doctors who recommend natural ingredients over chemical ingredients in such skin care products recommend those that contain as many natural elements as you can recognize. Think antioxidants such as plant stem cells, plant extracts, floral extracts, and extracts culled from nature’s fruits and vegetables. Such extracts are extremely beneficial in offering anti-aging, soothing, and wrinkle-reducing benefits in skin facial treatments.  Skin care, wrinkle reduction, and peptides, enzymes, and retinol go hand in hand with reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Most of all, skin facial treatments should leave your skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth, and clean. Skin facial treatments and skin care, wrinkle reductio, and moisturizing for the skin can be found in numerous products including toners, serums, and moisturizers.  Choose ingredients such as collagen, and collagen boosting peptides such as Matrixyl 3000, as well as peptides such as Argirline, which acts like nature’s own Botox. Natural ingredients that have been enhanced by scientists in laboratory environments are also extremely beneficial, especially in the creation of anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams, and moisturizers.

Skincare experts such as Ageless Derma create their skin facial treatment products utilizing as many of the benefits that Mother Nature offers in their products. Choose products with ingredient labels that you can recognize, and you’ll be doing your skin a favor.

Skin whitening – Over the centuries…..

Through the ages the concept of beauty has been of significance in our lives. From long milk and rose petal baths in the ancient years to the recent quick fix moisturizers and creams, beauty products have evolved. While the concept of beauty has also evolved from “beautiful skin” to “beauty is skin deep”, looking good is still a fundamental for all of us. Closely associated with beauty, skin lightening has also been a part of the beauty DNA from centuries.

Ancient cultures used botanical components and minerals for skin lightening. Several home remedies are still in wide use because of the easy availability of components and also since these remedies are considered to be safer due to lesser use of harsh chemicals. A mixture of turmeric and lime juice is a popular face bleaching mask – as the properties of turmeric that help in reducing hyperpigmentation and acne amongst other antiseptic uses. Lime juice contains citric acid that helps lighten the skin tone. Some of the other widely used ingredients include almonds, milk, potatoes and more.

However, these home remedies can take a while before the results are seen. For quicker skin whitening results there are skincare products like creams, moisturizers, bleaches etc which promise results within a few weeks. For even quicker results laser treatments also available for lightening the skin tone.

Skin whitening creams work by using enzymes to achieve the de-structuring of melanin which causes the pigmentation of skin. There are lots of brightening products available in the market today that can make our skin appear brighter and more youthful. It is however important to consider the benefits of any brightening product in light of the specific ingredients being used in that product. Some of the new and safer ingredients being used in lightening products today are Alpha Arbutin, a new skin lightening ingredient that works faster than any other lightening agent. It has been well researched and proven to produce better skin lightening results compared to other commonly used single components. Some forms of Vitamin C like BV-OSC also help in whitening while also protecting the DNA encouraging collagen synthesis and working as an anti-oxidant. BV-OSC also helps in treating acne and preventing the appearance of dark spots.

So choose wisely and if required, take the help of a professional skin care expert to choose the right product. One of the reliable products in this category is Ageless Derma Face Brightening Cream. It uses certain natural ingredients like BioWhite- Mulberry-Grape Juice and Belides-Daisy which has had proven results and backed by ongoing research.

Go ahead then… your own Cleopatra!

B. Kamins Acne Wash

The milk and fruit based acids in b. kamins acne wash improve the skin’s texture and minimize the appearance of redness and bumps.  This moisturizing skin cleanser for all ages is helpful for acne problems caused by clogged pores, an oily complexion, changes in hormones due to puberty or menopause, medication or stress.

Gentle b. kamins acne wash contains a powerful natural exfoliate that removes bacteria and dead skin cells and humectant that prevents delicate facial skin from drying out.  Blemishes diminish after just a few uses and the result is smoother, softer skin. Gentle milk and fruit based acids improve the skin’s texture and minimize redness and bumps.  The product soothes the skin as well as protects it from further breakouts by depositing a thin film of Allantoin on its surface.

Pump a dime-sized dollop of b. kamins acne wash into the palm of your hand and then massage the wash gently all over the face until it foams into a lather.  Rinse well. Use several times a day if needed as b. kamins acne wash will not dry out the skin. It contains a unique Bio-Maple compound that attracts and seals in moisture to the upper dermis.  It can also be used occasionally to brighten the complexion and keep it clear of blemishes.  As and added plus the unique Bio-Maple Compound in this  exfoliating cleanser also prevents wrinkles.

Ingredients in b. kamins acne face wash include  Betahydroxy Acid, Bio-Maple Compound, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, polyphenols, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Allantoin and DL-Panthenol.